What is franchising and how does it work?

One question potential franchisees sometimes ask is, “why should I buy a franchise? Why can’t I just go out and start my own business?” Certainly, some people do enter the business world in that manner. So, what is the real value of purchasing a franchise rather than “going it alone”? As a franchisee, you enjoy a number of advantages that an independent start-up does not. You begin with accumulated experience, know-how, business practices and operating plan that comes with a franchise. Simply put… you’ll “hit the ground running”. The Painturo’s opportunity gives you the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business.

How is a Painturo’s franchise different from other business opportunities?

Pizza is a $40 billion a year industry, accounting for more than 10% of all food service sales. Combine those over the top numbers with the highest quality ingredients, large menu selection, beer and wine sales and an atmosphere inviting to families, couples, and individuals alike and that’s what we call the Painturo’s winning recipe.

Do I need business experience to operate a Painturo’s?

Prior restaurant experience, no. However, business experience are helpful in operating a Painturo’s. We will train individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to learn skills necessary to manage the businesses. The Painturo’s opportunity is suited for resourceful, motivated individuals or teams who are willing to make a fairly small initial investment and then work hard to see it grow.

What types of franchises are available?

Currently, one type of franchise is available – an individual with a protected territory.

How much is a franchise fee?

The franchise fee for a Painturo’s is $25,000 due in full at the time of signing the franchise agreement. The franchise fee pays for the initial license to use Painturo’s name, trademark, and logo as well as site selection assistance and other pre opening services including full access of all Painturo’s operations manuals, training manuals and marketing and promotional strategies.

What is the Royalty fee?

The royalty fee is 5% of gross revenue, which covers a number of specific items. The most important of those is our ongoing support of the franchisee! Additionally, this royalty covers ongoing use of our Painturo’s trademark and systems, and the goodwill of the public image created by our name.

What is the advertising fee?

Each franchise is expected to spend 3% of their gross receipts in their specific geographical area on approved marketing and promotional strategies. In addition franchisees could be required to spend an additional 2% on a regional or national advertising fund.

What do I do next?

Please take a few moments to fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet and send it to us. We will review it and, if you meet our criteria, we call you to schedule a meeting. Now could be the time for you to place your order to become a Painturo’s franchisee.

What we provide:

Site selection guidelines
Leasing guidelines
Design specs
Comprehensive training program
Product and supply specs
Operational/Training Manuals
Pre opening guideline checklist
On-site pre and post opening corp. training
Profitability analysis and improvement techniques
Administration and accounting support
Ongoing research and development

What to Invest:

The investment for a Painturo’s ranges from $250,000 to $500,000 and financing may be arranged through leasing companies and banks.

Franchise Information Sheet